An Update from the ASA

How large is the ground handling industry? It’s all in the numbers…
Traditionally, the lack of official figures has made it difficult to determine how many people work in the ground handling industry. Over the last few weeks, ASA has delved into the data to better understand the size and impact of the independent ground handlers within the aviation services sector.
Here are some of our key findings:
  • Independent ground handling companies employ 1.6 million people worldwide.
    • The marketplace is highly diverse, with many small and medium handlers and a few large companies.
    • The four largest handlers, which employ over 160 000 people altogether, account for approximately 10% of the ground handling market.
  • Independent ground handling companies are expected to account for 70% of the ground handling market by 2022.
    • The ground handling industry is currently represented in equal measure by airports and airlines on the one hand and independent service providers on the other hand.
    • According to the latest KPMG estimates, the independents are expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.7%, thus accounting for 70% of the ground handling market by 2022. 
  • Independent ground handling companies will be looking after the safety and comfort of over 4 billion passengers per year by 2035.
    • Global passenger traffic currently accounts for 4 billion passengers per year, with independent ground handlers servicing half of this market.
    • According to the latest KPMG estimates, global passenger traffic is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 4.7%, that is 7.2 billion passengers per year by 2035.
As our industry grows, ASA will continue to listen to and advocate for our members. I look forward to continued collaboration and success within our industry!  ​
Yours Sincerely,
Jon Conway
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