‘A Race To The Bottom Serves No One’

When it comes to standards and quality, a race to the bottom in the aviation industry serves no one. It does not ensure that passengers receive the high-quality travelling experience they deservedly expect, and it hinders airports, airlines and ground handling service providers from operating at the best of their abilities. 

Independent GHSPs represent over half of the global ground handling market and look after the safety and comfort of over 2 billion passengers every year. Nonetheless, the business environment in which independent ground handling companies operate is often less than benign. We tend to work in semi-open markets, where only a limited number of licence-holders is allowed to work at an airport. These constraints mean lesser choice for airlines and are likely to result into poor customer service. It is therefore crucial that the situation be addressed: the ground handling sector deserves to be a healthy business where companies can thrive if they provide a good service.

Moreover, our members constantly invest in staff training and state of the art equipment to ensure high-quality service provision. With airports competing to become the take-off and landing hub of choice and airlines striving to cut costs and increase revenues, this extent of capital expenditure puts a great deal of economic pressure on ground handlers, suppliers to airports and airlines. The ability to train and retain highly skilled staff and invest in the right equipment benefits both flyers and those responsible for them throughout their journey. As such, it is to be guaranteed. 

The financial health of the industry is the foundation of excellent customer service. All those involved in the passenger journey are to be able to operate in optimal working conditions – airports, airlines and ground handlers alike – for the sake of the passengers as well as their own. 

Yours Sincerely,

Jon Conway

Director General

Airport Services Association
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