The Acceleration of Digitalization

From an institutional point of view, the pandemic accelerated the capacity for exchanging information between companies and various authorities with much greater agility, according to ABESATA’s president Ricardo Miguel.

“People who previously had difficulty participating in meetings and training, only held in person, were able to get involved much more and this brought significant gains,” he says.

The acceleration of digitalization also led to the acceleration of an old demand in the sector – the creation of a certification of regularity for companies in the ground handling segment, points out Miguel.

“The certification provides a distinction to those companies that actually invest in qualification and training with a sustainable business plan to place themselves on the market,” he says. “In Brazil, the seal will be launched in early 2022 and is being titled CRES (Certificate of Regularity in Auxiliary Services to Air Transport). Service users, whether they are airlines or aerodrome operators, will now have a reference.”

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