Turning point as companies are certified for self-regulation in Brazil

dnata, Orbital, Proair and Swissport are among the first companies to receive a self-regulation certification by the Brazilian Association of Air Transport Auxiliary Services Companies (Abesata).

The official launch of the Certificate of Regularity in Auxiliary Services to Air Transport (CRES) took place in Brasília.

“We want CRES to function as a reference for the sector, helping those who hire and increasing the quality standard of the services offered”, said President Ricardo Aparecido Miguel at the launch last month.

Via video, Fabio Rabbani, from International Civil Aviation Organization highlighted the sector’s maturity for a self-regulation program. Fábio Gamba, from ASA, the global handling association, said that CRES will be a turning point for aviation in Brazil and a reference for the world.

Then, the President of Infraero, Helio Paes de Barros Júnior, highlighted the commitment and effort of the entity and, in particular, of President Ricardo Miguel to make self-regulation a reality. “We need to not only take care of the land side of the airport, but of the entire chain, a weak link is the weakness for the operation”, said de Barros Júnior.

For Ricardo Catanant, director of Anac (the National Civil Aviation Agency), the initiative is worthy of praise and said that everyone wants a sustainable regulatory system that does not burden the industry and helps those who hire.

Self-regulation explained
The certification programme is composed of a matrix with five dimensions: Regulatory, Financial, Operational, People and environment, social and corporate governance (ESG). The certification is carried out by an independent company, Praxian Research Center, based on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo.

The objective is to bring benefits to the entire aeronautical chain. Today, ground handling companies in Brazil account for 95% of ground operations, from cleaning aircraft, focusing on their disinfection, transport and service of passengers, crew, luggage, check-in, cargo handling, inspection channel for boarding passengers, among other modalities.

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